Interests, motivation, and goals are prime factors students must consider while choosing a course from the range of courses available in India to pursue after 12th. The premier … IIT Madras is one of the reputed institutes in India, specifically for research. They can get admission in all the affiliated Universities spread across the states of Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, etc. Starting salary depends on factors like profile of the employer, job location and skills of the employee. Astronomy is the science which deals with the study of heavenly bodies.Though undergraduate level course is not available in most of the university in our country. IIT Madras. Start your career by taking mathematics, physics and chemistry during 10+2. Such candidates should complete their graduation in Science/Engineering subjects as a primary step. There are 851 courses which a person is eligible to pursue after Class 12th.

Explore the top institutes that offer astronomy courses. Astronomy career: Searching for how to become an astronomer? in Astronomy and Astrophysics; PhD. … Courses after 12th Science- Biology Group At start, a radiography Degree holder could earn anywhere between 8-15k Rupees per month. Top professional diploma computer course. There are 0 colleges that a student can take admission in spread throughout India. After completing graduation successfully, they can look for master level courses like M.Sc Astronomy, and M.Tech (Space Technology and Applications), as well. Here are the skills required for an astronomer as well as the courses you can take to become one. Astronomy courses are available at various levels and are listed below: Bachelor’s Courses: B.Sc in Astrophysics – 3 year full-time course; B.Sc in Astronomy – 3 year full-time course; B.Tech in relevant Engineering; Master’s Courses: M.Sc Astronomy; M.Tech (Astronomy and Space Engineering) Doctoral Courses: PhD. Courses after 12th for Science, Arts & Commerce are provided by Best training institute Techstack Academy. Engineering Courses After 12th. List of courses in India after Class 12: Careers Arts, Science, Commerce students can pursue after 12th exam There are myriad choices available to students from all the streams after passing the Intermediate or Higher secondary or Class 12 board exams Students having attitude towards Physics and Mathematics subjects, can opt for a career in Astronomy. Courses after 12th for Science, Arts & Commerce are provided by Best training institute Techstack Academy. in Astronomy; PhD.

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