For each soldier of the Dutch Army, arms were hard to come by. (c. 32) Dutch Air Force. Every Dutch arm seemed to be dated or not plentiful enough.
Heavy machine guns were available at a ratio of 1:100 and only 50 per cent of the required light machine guns were available.

This Dutch armored car was an excellent design, with a relatively powerful 37mm Bofors cannon and exceptional cross country capability.

Dutch Army 1940; US Airborne 1943-44; German Infantry 1943-45; British Infantry 1944-45; US Infantry Vietnam 1965-70; About SHQ Miniatures Ltd. SHQ Miniatures Ltd. is based in Somerset, selling all types of exclusive figures for war gaming. The following is a list of Dutch military equipment of World War II which includes artillery, … THE DUTCH ARMY IN 1940 The Dutch had pursued a policy of armed neutrality in 1914, and had been successful in the pursuit. Fokker D.XXI fighters escorting Fokker T.V heavy bomber. Machine guns: 324 (216 light Lewis M20, 108 heavy Schwarzlose M08/15) Mortars: 18 (heavy) Anti-tank guns: 12: Artillery?

In 1937 the Dutch government, alarmed by … The machine guns of choice, the Schwarzlose and the Vickers, were World War I relics and paled in comparison to the MG 34. The German Invasion of the Netherlands - May 1940 - YouTube If you have any questions, please feel free to call us. There was not a great deal of reason to think, at first, that the same policy would not succeed in 1940, but by the invasion of Poland in the autumn of 1939 it was becoming clearer that Nazi Germany did not play by the same rule book as had Imperial Germany. Dutch Army divisions in 1940: Infantry Division; Units total: 8 + 2-3 reserve : Infantry regiments: c. 3 (each with 2,691 men) Total men? We accept : Contact Information.

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