It took countless hours of time and energy to get to this point. Reason Number 1 – I love failing nearly 75% of the time Okay, I guess that is enough sarcasm. Why We Love High School Softball. — 3B/1B/CF Karinna Renteria (OC Batbusters-Mauga 12U) Audrey Sellers … it’s the best sport in the world. well i wasin karate didnt really like it to borin and slow, so i join softball. Accompanying the roll-out of college softball this month, will be the beginning of high school softball for most of the country as well. Playing Division I softball was a dream of mine since I began playing at the age of six. why do i love it?
I love softball yes it's true. By Robert Przybylo Every now and then, someone will ask me why I love boxing. The senior players made me feel welcome. Softball is such a blessing, and every chance you get to play the sport you love you need to appreciate it and not take it for granted. One of the major reasons why softball has been surging in popularity throughout America is simply that it is a healthy sport which requires a lot of physical activity. Here she’s with her Team Mizuno-Stith squad that won last year’s Team NJ Classic. Today, I thought I would talk about all the benefits of playing softball and why I love it so much. Health. I absolutely love softball, love teaching skills, and love working with people. One wonder what is it about softball that makes Americans love the sport so much. My love for softball grew even more due to the feeling of belonging to a team. i have been playing for 2 yrs now. Softball is also such a learning game. I was four years old when I first felt the thrill of hitting the ball and watch the yellow ball spiral down the field at T-ball. It was always the ultimate goal. … it is very competitive an I love competing and winning against other teams. Reason Number 3 – I love that softball is one of the hardest sports to get recruited for Reason Number 2 – I LOVE having people tell me softball is not a hard sport. Playing softball in high school is the only thing that makes it bearable, although waiting for spring to roll around is agonizing! At the end of the day, the reason why I love softball is because of the way it makes me feel. Tweet. Then a fight like Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo will come along.
i say because its afun sport that keeps you active, i play 1,3,ss, and anywhere in the outfield. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to coach at every benchmark of the Long Term Athlete Development spectrum. Tagged Softball, Softball Love Yes, several states play their high school ball in the Fall and one even plays in the summer.

Travel: Playing on a select tournament team led me to my current passion that I have for traveling. Well, the same can be said for softball Friday. I just want the winter to be over as soon as possible so that softball can start! They created a feeling of belonging and importance due to the roles everyone had to play. I … It’s February, and it’s softball season! One of the things Amanda loves about softball is the friendships she’ll have for the rest of her life. I love baseball because of, um, obviously baseball is more accessible, so I watch a lot of baseball on TV and of course some of the rules in dimensions are all different of the field, but the gist of it is it’s the same sport, you know, so, um, so I think softball girls should get all that respect that they deserve. Jul 13, 2013 - Explore Alexondria Ketcham's board "Reasons why I love softball. " This feeling was so fulfilling that, at this point, I fell in love with the sport. Jul 19, 2016. I love softball, so will you. Why It’s Important for Softball Players to Be Coachable  January 15, 2020; 2 Drills For Softball Players to Improve Their Baserunning January 13, 2020; Two Tips to Improve Your Chances of Playing Softball in College  January 10, 2020; Why Having Patience is a Key Virtue for Softball Players  January 8, 2020 2594 NEMO Thunder Softball ... we're all just girls who love the sport, we chat on the bases, we tell each other "nice hit" when it is needed and when a clap for the other team even after the sting of losing the championship game is hot and heavy. Central Methodist University. on Pinterest. For me, softball is not just an extracurricular activity or a way to get out of class on Fridays when the team travels. This feeling is the reason I love softball so much. And I just say: That’s why I love boxing. See more ideas about Softball, Softball quotes, Softball life. Why Travel Softball Is The Best Softball Caylie James.

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