Celia is not simply a shortened version of the more popular Cecilia as some may think, but rather a pretty name in its own right, which developed independently and has a different meaning. The term “fleeky” means the same. Define anymore.
anymore synonyms, anymore pronunciation, anymore translation, English dictionary definition of anymore.

11. Meaning “ruler of the spear” thanks to its elements “ger” (meaning “spear”) and “wald” (meaning “rule”) it is sometimes considered to be a variant of lesser-used name Gerard.Currently, there are just over 370,000 Geralds residing in the U.S. but most of them live in Wisconsin and are in their 70s.

However, there are some cases when your air conditioner is not cold. A Shakespearean name, Celia dates back to the 1600s when William Shakespeare invented the name for a character in his play As You Like It.The name has Latin roots and means "heavenly," and is derived … Salty. adv. Used to describe something that is excessively dark, often to a point where it's overbearingly depressive nature could be considered humorous. In this article, there are 7 possible reasons why your aircon is not cold anymore. Dirty air filter This is one reason why your aircon unit cannot work properly. Take the latest quiz on the words from July 6 to July 12 to find out. See more. A good air conditioner system requires a well maintained air filter to flow cool air to your room. any longer; presently: I don’t make candy anymore. Not to be confused with: any more – any amount: We don’t have any more candy. The definition of cool has its roots in the schoolyard, and is the childish way to describe the superior students out of the bunch. There is a mystery surrounding the origins and meaning of the name Belinda. Meaning – This is a term that was originally used to describe ‘perfectly shaped’ eyebrows and means to be on point/very good. 1. Meaning – This word is on this list because it obviously isn’t solely linked to food anymore. 31 Girls' Names You Don't Hear Anymore. Are words your bailiwick? Anymore definition, any longer. anymore: 1 adv at the present or from now on; usually used with a negative “Alice doesn't live here anymore ” Synonyms: any longer According to Merriam-Webster, we have to go all the way back to 12th century Middle English to find the first mention of cool, meaning the opposite … Usage – Girl, your outfit is on fleek!

1. a. It first became popular in the 17th-century and was even used in a poem by Alexander Pope.

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