Some places in Lima as La Victoria, City Center, Callao, etc, are dangerous at night. The south of Peru is safe, and if you are planning to go to the jungle it is better if you hire a jungle program. Peru, the Hermione Granger of South America, specializes in coffee, chocolate, wines, Pisco, rice, … One needs to be well documented about the possible problems that might occur and take the necessary precautions in order to minimize risks.

Visas - Entry requirements for Peru differ and depend on the country you are coming from. Stricter curfew hours apply in the regions of Arequipa, Ancash, Ica, Junín, Huánuco, San Martin and Madre de Dios where a curfew is in … The beautiful South American country of Peru is home to some of the worlds most deadliest reptiles and arachnids.

Alerts. Fatalities amongst human victims, as well as amputations and serious on-going medical issues plague some tourists whom have visited Peru. But, while visiting this tourist destination, there are hidden dangers away from the beach and into the city.

I am a 27year old male and will arrive in Lima with my girlfriend on July 21st for a 4 week holiday.

The risk of crime increases after hours and outside the capital city of Lima where more organized criminal groups have been known to use roadblocks to rob victims. Anonymous said 2 years ago. Colombia does coffee.

COVID-19 Information (3 July, 2020) Alert: U.S. Primary Elections Voting and Upcoming Repatriation Flights, Peru (July 3, 2020) (3 July, 2020) Peru is in a state of emergency and its borders are closed. Just go to Google and have a look for "Wilberth Luis Cancho Meza ". We wouldn’t say that buses in Peru are safe, exactly, as some statistics may prove otherwise. You have to be careful in the north of Peru, especially in Tumbes the bus terminal closes its doors after 4pm due to the danger of assaults. Peru has a lot to offer and it's a great destination for travelers. Australians, as well as most countries, do not need a visa to enter Peru if they come as a tourist, but the passport should be valid for at least six months.

Currency - The official currency in Peru is the Nuevo sol. Peru is an exotic country and as we all know, beautiful, but warm exotic areas have their own specific dangers to the traveler. Dangers in Peru. The Amazon rainforest covers over 2.1 million square miles of tropical terrain in South America. We have booked the Inca trail for 30th July. Venomous snakes and poisonous spiders and dangerous animals and insects in Peru. Our rough itinerary is 3 nights in Lima, head to cusco, do inca trail, lake titicaca and then head to north west for tumbes and mancora for 10 days or so chilling on beaches! Some things to be aware of: Travelers may experience periodic protests and strikes that can cut off transportation. 12. Hi all. Reply.

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