My neighbor is building a fence that violates the local fence law.

Where the fence may be encroaching by a foot or two, it may be simpler and cheaper for you both simply to have your neighbor sign a quitclaim deed. 7/12/2010 . Your fence is the one part of your property that you might share with the neighbor, so it makes sense that one of the top disagreements among neighbors … Typically, fences can’t be taller than 4 ft. for your front yard, and can’t be taller than 6 ft. for your back yard.

A fence built on the property line belongs to both property owners. The contract should consider a description of the fence, where it's going to be placed, and maintenance responsibilities.

Even if you have a neighbor or neighbors who say they don’t mind, they could potentially challenge your fence further down the road. They define and defend property, include or exclude animals (and the liability that goes with them) and their appearances is our face to the world. Check any local laws, or if there are restrictions made by your homeowner’s association before getting your fence installed. It's extremely common for neighbors to disagree about the height or placement of a fence, or the motivation behind building it. Fences and Neighbors FAQ. If the fence requires replacing, you should replace it with a comparable fence. Restrictions on the type of material an owner may use and height regulations ensure design … Two witnesses, including a person who's not related, must be present. For this reason, many states have passed laws governing issues like boundary fences and trimming encroaching tree branches. These frequently asked questions may help you decide. My neighbor's fence is hideous. While local fence laws are loosely imposed, HOA regulations are strictly enforced. Can I ask them to help with the cost when they get home? Once you’ve decided that you are ready to replace your backyard fence, talking to your neighbors can be the most dreaded part of the process– especially if you’ve never met your neighbors! Can I do anything about it? Landowners need to be aware of these special situations and of which fence law is in place in counties where they own land. Select State and Local Landlord-Tenant Laws; Property Rights: My Neighbor is a Nuisance; Top 10 Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed; Get Legal Help to Resolve a Fence Dispute with Your Neighbor.

Dealing With Neighbors: Fence Replacement Etiquette. Sometimes even a hedge can act as a boundary. Yes. Read on to learn more about fence laws in Vermont. A common dispute among neighbors is who owns, as well as who is responsible for maintaining the fence between their properties. Disputes with neighbors can be difficult to resolve, especially if you and your neighbor are unable to discuss the situation calmly and rationally. You’re more likely to be permitted to build right on the property line in a densely populated area, but it varies. Who can help . It’s important to follow these guidelines. The fence on the line between my land and my neighbor's is in bad shape.

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