He uses the sun and moon to establish days, months, years, and also His appointed observances, Genesis 1:14. The Sabbath (Shabbat in Hebrew) is one of Judaism’s greatest gifts to humanity. In fact there is one scripture where all five things, grain, drink, feast, new moon, and Sabbath are all mentioned together: (Ezekiel 45:17) "And it shall be the prince's part to give burnt offerings, and grain offerings , and drink offerings , in the feasts , and in the new moons , and in the Sabbaths , in all solemnities of the house of Israel:"

Fool, fool! A critical component to His calendar is the new moon, which starts each Biblical month. How did David know in 1 Sam 20:5, that tomorrow would be a new/full moon? Other cultures in the past knew of a seven-day week based on the phases of the moon, but the Israelite Sabbath is not connected to the movements of celestial bodies. at the end of 14 days after the new moon worship day.

. Yahweh commanded […] Full moon of the Aryeh/Lion Sabbath TuB'Av We arrive this Sabbath on the full moon of Av. This is a little known ancient celebration where the daughters of Yerushaliyim dance in the fields and vineyards and call to their men. Why did he continue for the observation again in verse 18?

Furthermore, the controversy which exists among some scholars seeking a relationship between the weekly Hebrew Shabbat (English Sabbath) and Mesopotamian Full Moon Shapattu on the 15th day of the lunar month is explored. Download Full Moon Day Is A Sabbath Day Video Music Download Music Full Moon Day Is A Sabbath Day, filetype:mp3 listen Full Moon Day Is A Sabbath Day Mp3. You then have six more workdays and a full moon on day 15 or at the end of the second week or second seven, i.e. In other words you have your new moon worship day, then six workdays and then the weekly Sabbath on the 8th day of the moon (Ezech-46:1).

The moon moves through one complete cycle (new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter, conjunction) in approximately 29.5 days (See graphic to the right). As with any religious ritual, there was a danger of observing the New Moon festivals without a true heart to follow God. The 22nd is another Sabbath. We arrive this Sabbath on the full moon of Av. “When will the New Moon be past, That we may sell grain? Originally the New Moon was celebrated in the same way as the Sabbath; gradually it became less important while the Sabbath became more and more a day of religion and humanity, of religious meditation and instruction, of peace and delight of the soul (p. 410) The 15th day (the next Sabbath) is the full moon. New Moon day was a time of recommitment to Yahuwah. The knowledge of the calendar has resurfaced after being ignored for over 1500 years. And the Sabbath, That we may trade wheat?” (Amos 8:5, NKJV) Backslidden Israelites were often impatient of the restraints which religious observances placed on their business activities. You've got to bleed for the dancer! No commerce was performed on New Moons. People in the ancient Near East had nothing similar to the Jewish concept of a weekly sacred day of rest. The next month begins with the next new moon, and the count of days begins again. Fool, fool! It is asserted that no Sabbath in scripture can be shown to occur on any day other than an 8th, 15th, 22nd, or 29th of a lunar cycle. Request Booklet Download PDF Yahweh in His wisdom has given us a calendar in the sky for all to see.
New Moon festivals were marked by sacrifices, the blowing of trumpets over the sacrifices (Numbers 10:10), the suspension of all labor and trade (Nehemiah 10:31), and social or family feasts (1 Samuel 20:5).

Nevertheless, some may then go on to say that this proves that at least this first month of the year, must have been initiated by a literal new moon. One major problem that Lunar Sabbath keepers face is the fact that there are extra days in the month which prevent them from being able to keep the Sabbath every seven days. Colossians 2:16,17 Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: … one new. The New Moon is still, and the Sabbath originally was, dependent upon the lunar cycle. The full moon rising at the end of the 14th day of the month announces the 15th as the second Sabbath of the month. . And she said, It shall be well. Falling on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th day of each lunar month initiated by the new moon means the Sabbath would also fall about the time of the new moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter. The world is full of Kings and Queens Who blind your eyes and steal your dreams It's Heaven and Hell, oh well And they'll tell you black is really white The moon is just the sun at night And when you walk in golden halls You get to keep the gold that falls It's Heaven and Hell, oh no!

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