That’s right, director Matt Reeves has done it again. @TheBatRobert posted four photos that apparently came from Jeff Frost, concept artist for the Matthew Reeves-directed film. At the start of March, director Matt Reeves shared a first look at the redesigned Batmobile that would blast onto the big screen in The Batman. We have a feeling the car guys (and gals) who are no doubt supposed to be impressed by this more “realistic” Batmobile are instead going to be turned off. Reeves sh… The Batman director Matt Reeves has posted the first images of the new Batmobile, which is a muscle car with some Dark Knight fluorishes. Matt Reeves “ The Batman ” director Matt Reeves has released three first-look photos from his upcoming comic book tentpole that unveil the new Batmobile that will be … But when Reeves unveiled the new Batmobile model, it didn't look like anything fans expected. After sharing some test footage of Robert Pattinson in costume for “The Batman,” director Matt Reeves has tweeted some official images from the film of the Batmobile.. We just got our first look … A cool Batmobile might have smoothed things over a little. The Batman’s ride is revealed: Check out the new Batmobile By Rick Marshall March 4, 2020 The Dark Knight’s suit and motorcycle aren’t the only … — Matt Reeves (@mattreevesLA) March 4, 2020 “The Batman” has his Batmobile. Batman’s Batmobile has always been cool, but Matt Reeves ’ version in The Batman is one of the most badass.

Reeves was already pushing it by casting Edward the Sparkling Vampire in the lead role. Batman has a sweet new ride in Matt Reeves’ reboot The Batman (2021). Director Matt Reeves tweeted out the first images of what is presumably the new Batmobile from the forthcoming superhero pic The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. Director Matt Reeves has revealed the first look at a new, redesigned Batmobile for Robert Pattinson's The Batman.

He gets a new Batmobile, too.

A new Batman reboot is currently shooting where Robert Pattinson stars as the Dark Knight. Film director Matt Reeves, 53, took to Twitter Wednesday to give fans an … In them, you can see more of the Batmobile… Mere weeks after teasing a screen test of the Batsuit’s cowl and chestplate that will be seen on Robert Pattinson’s physique in … The director revealed first photos of the iconic Batmobile on Twitter today, showing what … After sharing some test footage of Robert Pattinson in costume for “The Batman,” director Matt Reeves has tweeted some official images from the film of the Batmobile… This thing looks jankier than a high school auto shop class project. Holy first-look, Batman!

Reeves shared the photo on Twitter today, showing the … The latest Batmobile looks like a mid-engined muscle car. Matt Reeves has shared the first images of the new Batmobile from The Batman, the upcoming 2021 film of the Caped Crusader!. Each version of Bruce Wayne comes with his own suit and Batmobile, and Matt Reeves' The Batmanwill be no exception.

Matt Reeves' upcoming reboot of the Dark Knight's film franchise, The Batman, will give the character more than just a new suit. It’s a cobbled-together mess with no clearly-defined design theme.

The photos feature Batman standing beside and in front of the Batmobile, giving a clear look at Batman's main mode of transportation. We've got our first look at the Batmobile in The Batman and it's giving vintage American muscle vibes.. Director Matt Reeves shared three new photos on …

Reeves revealed the Batmobile on his Twitter account. As it stands right now, six actors — Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck — have portrayed comic book hero Batman in live-action television and movies. Matt Reeves, the director of The Batman, released these new images of the Batmobile on Twitter recently. But they’re about to be joined by a seventh, Robert Pattinson, in Matt Reeves’ upcoming flick, The Batman.And with a new Batman comes, of course, a new Batmobile.

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