To this date the brick forms the asana of the God.

Panduranga Vittala of Pandharpur Vithal, or Vitthal, or Vithoba, or Pandurang (a form of Krishna) is worshipped in some temples in Maharashtra. In this Abhang, Sant Eknath refers to Pandharpur as his “maher” or “Mother’s Home”. Pundalik was the founder of Varkari sect, he is the beloved devotee of Lord Vitthal.

The movie unfolds his life story and thus deserves a watch.

Story behind Vithobas & pundalik Bond.

It is located 65 km west of Solapur, on the banks of the river Bhimarathi also known as Chandrabhaga. Back to Top. When the Lord came to Pundalik's house, Pundalik was busy massaging his father's feet as was his practice when his parents went to sleep every day.

Bhakta Pundalik was a devotee of Lord Vitthal. Lord Shankar told Parvati “the brick thrown by pundalik to pandurang is not an ordinary brick, but Lord Indra himself. Phandarpur is referred as Pandaripuram.The name Vithoba… "Who is it?"

Pundalik is a devoted son to his parents Janudev and Satyavati, who lived in a forest called Dandirvan.

But the well-known and commonly used names are Pandurang / Panduranga and Shri Vitthal / Vithal. Bhakta Pundalik was a devotee of Lord Vitthal. Saint Tukaram interprets this verse properly in his spiritual poems. Story Outline : Vithu Mauli is a Marathi mythology show aired on Star Pravah. Pundalik Temple at Pandharpur To read the story of Bhakta Pundalik and how Vitthal came to Pandharpur please visit at Vitthal and Pundalik Story. He is generally considered a manifestation of the god Vishnu or his avatar, Krishna. It is said that the devotee Pundalik founded Pandharpur. Pundalik was very pleased to see that God himself had come to meet him. the ferry person told this story to us. He looked after them and nursed them. Vithoba is often depicted as a dark young boy, standing arms akimbo on a brick, sometimes accompanied by his main consort Rakhumai. At that time Pundalik saw the Lord at his door but his devotion to his parents was so intense that he wanted to finish his duties first and then attend to his guest.

cried Pundalik from inside, continuing to do what he was doing. Lord Krishna called out to Pundalik from outside. Vithoba (Marathi: विठोबा, IAST: Viṭhobā) is known by many names, including: Vitthala, Panduranga, Pandharinath, Hari and Narayan.There are several theories about the origins and meanings of these names. he became very pleased and came to blessed pundalik. Once Lord came to see his devotee Pundalik at his hermitage while searching for Mata Rukmini. The saga of Pundalik is one of the most important Mahima legends about Vithoba. Pundalik, a saint was closely associated with this shrine, and hence this shrine is also known as Pundarika Pura.Story of Panduranga VittalaOne evening Lord Vishnu was moving about in the gardens of his mansion when the beautiful wife of Lord Indra (God of Heavens), Sachi approached him as she found his charms irresistible.
The Pundalik Temple is devoted to the lord Vitthal.
when lord vitthal saw the selfless service of pundalik towards his parents. Pundalik Temple is one of the famous tourist attractions in Pandharpur. Legend has it that once, when Pundalik was engaged in serving his parents, Vithal (Lord Krishna) came to his and stood outside.

How Vithoba came to Pandharpur is a story in which Pundalik is vital. Kaikadi Maharaj Mandir. Pundalik was happily catering to their needs. The movie unfolds his life story and thus deserves a watch. Vittala's original temple is at Pandharpur, Maharashtra. Once upon a time there was a devotee named Pundalik, who was travelling to Kashi and on the way he reached the ashram of a Saint named Kukkut. He is revered as a great devotee in the Varkari tradition. when vitthal came to ... standing on the brick. Pundalik was the founder of Varkari sect, he is the beloved devotee of Lord Vitthal.

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