The Sutlej River (sometimes spelled Satluj River) is a branches of the Indus River.It is the longest of the five major rivers that flow through the region of Punjab in northern India and Pakistan. Lake Rakshastal used to be part of the Sutlej river basin long ago and separated from the Sutlej due to tectonic activity. Sutlej River, longest of the five tributaries of the Indus River give the Punjab (meaning “Five Rivers”) its name. The Indus water system of rivers comprises the main Indus and its major tributaries: the Kabul River and Kurram River on the right bank, and the Jhelum River, Chenab River, Ravi River, Beas River and the Sutlej on the left. Important Tributaries of river Satluj : Baspa River : Baspa is an important tributary of the river Satluj in its upper courses. The Baspa river has cut across the main Himalayan range. It rises on the north slope of the Himalayas in Lake La’nga in southwestern Tibet, at an altitude of above 4,600 metres feet (15,000). It then turns slightly, heading west-southwest for about 3… Jhelum River Jhelum rises … More than 50% of the river’s annual flow comes from melting of snow. Jhelum River. The Baspa is joined by many smaller channels draining snow melt waters. The nascent river flows at first west-northwest for about 260 kilometres (160 mi) under the Tibetan name Langqên Zangbo (Elephant River or Elephant Spring) to the Shipki La pass, entering India in Himachal Pradeshstate. The source of the Sutlej is west of catchment area of the Lake Rakshastal in Tibet, as springs in an ephemeral stream. Thereafter it empties itself into the river Satluj in … There is considerable geographical proof to show that before 1700 BC at the most recent, Sutlej was a major tributary of the Ghaggar-Hakra River (probably through the Saraswati River… The first two join the Indus soon after it leaves the mountains, and the others lower down in the plains. The Sutlej along with its tributaries acts as a Himalayan power house, thanks to its hydroelectricity generation potential. It is north of the Vindhya Range, south of the Hindu Kush, and east of the Central Makran range in Pakistan.. The river is of Historic, known as Vitasta in ancient times. It is the easternmost branch of the Indus River. Sutlej River, Ancient Greek Zaradros, Sanskrit Shutudri or Shatadru, longest of the five tributaries of the Indus River that give the Punjab (meaning “Five Rivers”) its name.

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