As you can well imagine, being bought up in Delhi he didn't quite like the idea of a "dhuti" and a "topor". Topor and Mukut. A Bengali wedding is a huge amalgamation of food, tradition, people and bulk of memories for the family album. Similarly, the bride wears a mukut which is white in colour but differs in shape as compared to a Topor. I mean even if they don't want to, they have to.
BENGALI WEDDING TOPOR & MUKUT. This white coloured Topor stands for good luck.
Bengali grooms do not show up at the wedding wearing a sehera. the iconic Topor: Such was the case for a friend of mine, who married a Bengali boy bought up in Delhi. Behold! A topor (Bengali: টোপর) is a type of conical headgear traditionally worn by grooms as part of the Bengali Hindu wedding ceremony. Bengali's are known for their rich art-culture and literature. Traditionally worn for good luck, the topor (for the groom) and mukut (for the bride) are headgears made of sholapith (a milky white sponge), crafted into wood. They wear Topor which is a conical headgear given to them by the family of the bride. Bengalis leave no stone unturned to make the day memorable for both the bride and the groom. The groom wears a silk dhoti which is teamed up with a Punjabi, and he wears a topor on his head. The Bengali groom is equally excited on his wedding day and dresses up in traditional Bengali attire. These conical headgears are adorned with other accessories and are very delicate. Since then all Bengali groom don the Topor on their wedding day. The ‘Topor’ is the conventional headgear of the Bengali groom that is worn in Bengali weddings. The topor is typically fragile, made of sholapith and white in colour.

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