You must defeat the evil demon Varalys, who turned a beautiful princess into three fairies. Imagination; that studio would only develop two games before folding in 1999/2000. All the footage of Virtual Hydlide was stretched to 16:9 for some reason when the game is in 4:3. I don't think I've ever seen an issue that like in a Cinemassacre video that I can remember, and Super Hydlide in the same video is fine, so what's the deal? The game is a 3D remake of Hydlide but with randomly generated maps. Good heavens this game is awful.
Watch the first Hydlide video here!

Super Hydlide is an updated port of Hydlide 3 released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. It was developed by T&E Soft and published by Sega in Japan and Europe and by Atlus for North America..

What? The game feels incomplete and ambitious.
It was released in Japan in 1989, in North America in 1990, and in Europe in 1991. This video is unavailable. The plot is the same as the first game: a princess is attacked by Varalys, who turns her into three fairies and scatters them through the land. The Nerd: In all the anals of history, no game has ever slurped so much shit as Hydlide. Virtual Hydlide is a roguelike released for the Sega Saturn in 1995. It's VIRTUAL HYDLIDE for the Sega Saturn! I mean, the game looks like ass either way, but it just made it even more painful.

It tries to add replayability, but there is nothing worth going back for. The screen then fades to show The Nerd.) No space this time? While there are people who hate the original Hydlide, most feel that Virtual is the absolute low point for the entire franchise, & I certainly won't argue against that stance.

Watch Queue Queue Virtual Hydlide takes its formula from the deeply flawed Hydlide, and makes it worse by making combat pointless. Sadly, that would be the last "new" entry in the franchise, as Naito would leave T&E Soft shortly after, creating his own studio named E.O. Virtual Hydlide is a 1995 remake of Hydlide, still developed by T&E Soft but released exclusively for the Sega Saturn.

Why?? Super & Virtual Hydlide - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 161) (Hydlide main music plays, showing the title card of the Hydlide review, before fading into a second version of the title card.

They were too proud of their world generator. Virtual Hydlide is a 3D remake of the original Hydlide for the NES.

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