I was wondering if anyone in stern would like to edit my why nyu essay for me. This essay is just as much about you as the college. share.

Our faculty rank second in the world for research productivity. Why Stern Reason #2 Learn from world-renowned faculty.

Personal essay - 7/10 maybe, talked about how my fascination with space evolved since kindergarten.

New York City. If you want to share your successful “Why NYU” essay with hopeful applicants… don’t. The main NYU campus is in downtown Manhattan, and …

The most important thing to remember about a Why College essay is that it’s really a Why You Essay. Surface Reason 1: My test scores and grades/course rigor make it likely I'll get in.. One level deeper: I'm applying to NYU as a safety school, because I'm pretty sure I'll get in there, even if I don't get in anywhere else, and I'd want to go there if I got in. I’m over the limit by quite a little and could use any insight to better my essay.

Notice how this example mentions why New York, why Stern, and why marketing (although this last component is fairly brief and does need to be expanded upon) without explicitly breaking it up into those sections. Instead, I went deeper with each reason to see if there was anything there I could mine for the NYU supplement essay. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts. I would be remiss to not mention this first; it was the reason why I chose to go to NYU and one of the best (or worst, depending on your personal preferences) parts of the school. Thanks in advance!
Instead, it reads as one coherent ‘why NYU’ essay, … Using Reddit. Why NYU Stern? A Collaborative Community.

Interviews: Stanford: went pretty well. 1 comment. Student develop collaborative and supportive relationships with faculty and one another. ... There’s the “Why NYU?” one in the general question section that is more or less a supplement.

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... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics. Over the course of the program, students become respected colleagues of the faculty and life-long friends and colleagues with their classmates. Second personal essay - 6/10 maybe, talked about the time my house didn’t have running water for over 3 months (light tone, not a “feel bad for me” essay). Reason 1. Be aware that when you start sharing essays on the internet, particularly on anonymous platforms or with strangers, you essentially lose control over where that essay goes and how it is used by others.

More than 200 professors, including four Nobel Laureates, teach classes, hold office hours, mentor, and conduct research with students – giving you the opportunity to learn in and outside the classroom.

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